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Fun and interesting things that are happening in Toombs County-NOW 

New TCHS Football Coaches- Isaac Ferrell and Shaun Pope have joined L.M. Guy's staff and both talked to Y-101 Audio
TCHS Cheerleaders- Listen to the Toombs County High School competition cheerleading team talk about summer workouts on Y-101 Radio Audio  
Mickey Gilley- The country music legend, with 17 number one songs, appeared on Y-101 Radio. Listen to the interview Audio  
Doug Stone- The Country music singer, who reeled off 15 straight top 10 hits, was a guest on Y-101 Radio. Listen to the interview Audio    
TCHS Softball- The Lady Bulldogs lost a tough 2-1 six inning game at Vidalia. Bailey Bryson pitched a complete game and did not allow an earned run and Dayo Waller drove in a tying run in the top of the sixth. Watch game action You Tube  
Toombs County Websites- Toombs County Football Website  or Toombs County Athletics
TCHS Bulldog Report- Listen to past recent episodes of Y-101's Toombs County Bulldog Report at SoundCloud
Toombs Now Videos- All videos are stored on You Tube. If you are ever bored and have nothing to do, you can watch Toombs County in action Click Here    


Final Summer 7-on-7 in the Pit

Nathaniel Baker beats his man for a TD 

 Rick Sanders also streaks by a Claxton DB for six

The Toombs County Bulldogs wrapped up their summer 7-on-7, in the Pit, playing host to Claxton and Bethesda (GISA). Earlier in the day the Bulldog offensive and defensive lineman traveled down to Jesup for Wayne County's Lineman Camp. The Bulldogs put on the pads for the first time and there was contact including board drills. Watch Darius Scott take on a big lineman from Ware County You Tube  

Nathaniel Baker and Cole Dowd were in both Jesup and the Pit and both caught touchdown passes in the 7-on-7. Watch highlights and check out a slide show from the 7-on-7.

Shorter Camp in the Pit

 QB Jordan Usher (right) hands off to Jamar Smith

Five coaches from Shorter University in Rome conducted a one-day offensive camp in the Pit. Montgomery County, Claxton, ECI and Richmond Hill joined the Toombs County Bulldogs. The players ran the 40-yard dash for time and then broke into groups for position work which featured detailed instruction. Watch a slideshow and highlights 

Marquee Matchups in 7-on-7 football

Dawgs vs. Indians

Mark Johnson (#29) is in position to make a stop on an Indian receiver  

Toombs County and Vidalia- the two rivals will meet for real on September 5th in the Pit. However, on July 11th they met at Buck Cravey Field minus the pads in a 7-on-7 match up. Both teams scored touchdowns in a competive battle between the two. TCHS receiver Cole Dowd snagged a TD pass from Jordan Usher on a short throw. Watch highlights and a slideshow    

Toombs vs. Calvary

Johnson catches a TD pass versus Calvary with his finger tips 

For the first time sinec Mark Stroud left Toombs County after the 2007 football season, the former Bulldog coach took on his former team in 7-on-7 in Vidalia. Last season Stroud's Calvary Cavaliers made it to the Georgia Dome for the GHSA Single Private School Championship Game. Watch highlights You Tube

Young Dawgs take on varsity in 7-on-7

 Devin Matthews stops play from the Pit turf

With the varsity Toombs County Bulldogs in Carrollton participating in a 7-on-7 tourney at West Georgia, the young Dawgs were called on to entertain Claxton and Montgomery County in 7-on-7 passing league football in the Pit. On offense freshman quarterback Dalton McBride completed passes short and intermediate passes to Kyle Reynolds, Devin Matthews and Cole Williamson and he hit on two deep balls to Mark Johnson. Watch highlights and check out a slideshow

Beasley pitches in national tourney

 Jeremy Beasley (right) and William Browning from Jeff Davis

Jeremy Beasley spent a week in Norman, Oklahoma pitching for Team Georgia in the Heartland Classic. Beasley earned a save in his first outing, pitching the eighth inning in an 8-7 victory over Texas. Beasley also pitched four innings and gave up two earned runs as a starter in an 8-7 win over Ohio. Jeremy pitched one inning in a 6-0 loss to Oklahoma that gave Georgia a fourth place finish in the tourney. So, Jeremy pitched a total of six innings and allowed two earned runs.  

Watch Jeremy get his save against Texas You Tube  and check out his slideshow  and a Y-101 Story

Coach L.M. Guy talks Bulldog Football

New Toombs County High School football coach and athletic director L.M. Guy has been on the job for a month and on a school holiday he stopped by Y-101 Radio to talk about a variety of different subjects. Watch You Tube

Building a relationship with his player- Has allowed Guy to see who is consistent in the weight room. An average of 40 or 50 players have showed up after school for workouts and chalk talks. 

Spring Practice- There won't be a two week spring practice this year. Instead the Bulldogs will play an additional scrimmage game in the Pit against Bradwell Institute. They also will scrimmage ECI.

7-on-7- Each Tuesday night, begining June 10, the Bulldogs will play host to 7-on-7 passing in the Pit which will be open to the public with no admission charge.   

Success breeds success- Guy says he needs athletes from successful programs like wrestling, soccer and baseball to play football so the Bulldogs can play essentially two-platoon ball. Guy says he has been recruiting the halls looking for potential Bulldogs.

Daily Walk- There is a desire in the community for the program to be successful with a Christian emphasis and the Daily Walk wlll be a big part of this.

Dawgs offensive scheme- The option will be a part of the scheme. At Richmond Hill Guy ran a no-huddle fast paced offense like Oregon and Auburn in the college game. The final offensive look of the Bulldogs will depend on the personel available.

Bulldog practice- Will be fast paced with players moving around. For the first 45 minutes there will be music and the players will be going at it pretty good. There will be prayer requests. It will be physical. As the season goes on their will be more drill work, stressing fundamentals, instead of 11-on-11. Practice time will be 2 1/2 hours. 

Coaching staff- There will be some new faces on the sideline along with familar ones from last season.

Richmond Hill success- Guy says he took players, who alot of people didn't think could get it done, and through player development begin producing Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3 type athletes.   

The Flying T- The emblem of the Toombs County Bulldogs is not going away. However, there may be a new spin on the Flying-T. The Bulldogs will have new uniforms in 2014.  

Toombs County's New Region

Toombs County High School has been reclassified, by the GHSA, to Triple A (from Double A) and placed in Region 1, Sub-region A with Appling County, Brantley County, Dodge County, Pierce County and Tattnall County. Sub-region B consists of Beach, Islands, Jenkins, Johnson-Savannah, Savannah, Savannah Arts and Southeast Bulloch. All new regions will become official on January 14, 2014.  

Toombs County goes from being one of the largest Double A schools to being one of the smallest in Triple A with 831 students. Twenty-one Triple A schools have more than 1,000 students including two from the Bulldogs' new region (Pierce and Appling). Dawson tops AAA with 1,087 students.

TCHS has been in a AA region with all five of their new sub-region schools in the past. As for competition, four of the five schools had at least two of three teams (football, softball and baseball) make it to the state playoffs in their most recent seasons. Only Brantley County didn't make state competition in those three sports. All five of these former Double A's have played Triple A the past two school years.

The travel will be familar and also similar for the Toombs sports teams. In Region 2, Double A TCHS traveled an average of 51.3 miles to play a game. The long trip was to Benedictine (90 miles) and the shortest was to Vidalia (seven miles). In the new sub-region Toombs will travel an average of 52 miles to play a game. The long trip will be to Brantley County (84 miles) and the shortest trip will be to Tattnall County (22 miles). 

The Bulldogs moved from Single A to Double A beginning in the 1996-97 school year. Toombs County High School spent 18 consecutive years in Double A.    

Region 1 Sub-region A Enrollment From TCHS  Football Softball Baseball
Appling County  1005 32 miles 9-3 2nd round state 14-14 1st round state  20-9 2nd round state 
Brantley County  968 84 miles 1-9 9-18  12-13 
Dodge County  872  58 miles   5-6 1st round state 22-11 2nd round state  19-12 3rd round state 
Pierce County  1085  64 miles  10-2 2nd round state  25-8 2nd round state  25-8 3rd round state 
Tattnall County   945  22 miles  5-6 1st round state 24-8 2nd round state  19-8 1st round state 
Toombs County  831    4-6  15-15  18-9  3rd round state