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Bryce three-peats on Y-101

In a vote, with a record turnout, Bryce won his third straight Y-101 Caller of the Year title. 134 votes were tallied in 7 1/2 hours of voting and Bryce, who is 10 years old, received 66 votes which was 49% of the total. Bryce has been calling Y-101 for more than three years and he can be heard Monday-Friday at 7:07 a.m. 

For a second straight year Meredith, who just turned six, ran a close second. Meredith, who calls in each morning at 7:55 on her way to school, collected 36% of the vote. Others receiving votes included Eddie from Alamo, Pampino Purple, Elmira, R.A. Basher, Habeeb, The Roadrunner, The Zero Guy and Quack. Listen to the announcement on Y-101 Audio   

Bryce and the Braves avenge earlier loss


For the second straight season Bryce is a member of the 9-10 year old Braves team which plays in the Mite Division, at Partin Park, and they avenged an early season loss to the Athletics with a 16-6 win. The Braves allowed four runs in the first inning and then just two more in the next four innings. Bryce had several solid hits and the game and made numerous plays from his second base position. Watch highlights You Tube and a slideshow

Carson's nabs his first turkey

Be Still Bryce

Bryce, dressed as Willy Wonka, had to pose as if he were a statue in a wax museum.  

Bryce sings the National Anthem

For a school project Bryce and two of his classmates had to learn and sing the national anthem in class. Watch as they nail the Star Spangled Banner video  

Bryce repeats as Y-101 Caller of the Year

Bryce repeated as the Y-101 caller of the year for 2011. Bryce received 38% of the vote from the listeners who called in to WLYU Radio during the Morning and Midday Memory Shows. Meredith received 19% of the vote and finished second, Elmira and Pampino Purple both tied for third with 15% and Petross was fifth with 4%.

Carson's first deer

 Carson's 1sr deer- a 6-pointer 

Bryce makes his football debut


Bryce (#27), a Flea and a Mite Boys All-Star Baseball player, made his football debut on September 21, 2011 at the Toomb County Middle School Field. His Cardinals lost to the Colts 14-8. Bryce, who wears number 27, played end on defense and tackle on offense. Watch highlights of the game with post game interviews YouTube video

The Lyons Mite (Red Divison) Boys tournement ends sadly

The Boys struggled the whole season playing in All-Stars because they lost every game BUT we get better and better every time we play a game. I would like to give a shout out to all the boy on the Red Divison All-Stars for not giving up even though we have not won a game and they are: Bryce, Trey, Luke, Seth, Kaile, Cullen, Joshua, Logan, Martin, Evan, Gray and Zach. Also a big Thanks to our coaches, Ardie Wright ,Richard Braddy and Brett Stephens.

Bryce and the Braves end season with comeback win

The Mite Division Braves ended their season by overcoming a 7-0 deficit with some big hits which led to a 16-11 victory over the Mariners. After the game Bryce and several of his teammates received the good news that they were selected to by on All-Stars. Watch highlights and checkout this slideshow

Bryce scores 100 on another project

Bryce wishes everybody

Bryce is the Y-101 Caller of the Year

Congratulations to Bryce for being named the first ever Y-101 Caller of the Year for 2010. Bryce, who is eight years old and in third grade, earned 31% of the vote from the Y-101 listeners and despite just being a regular caller for half the year he beat out some veteran Y-101 regulars. Listen to the coverage of this first ever event which includes a protest by the controversial R.A. (Radio Announcer) Basher Audio   

You can hear Bryce on Y-101 Radio at 7:10 a.m. Monday thru Friday  

Bryce helps McLouth- Bryce, who was a Lyons Flea All-Star baseball player in 2010, offers advice to Atlanta Braves CF Nate McLouth, who suprisingly was a MLB All-Star in 2008. Audio   

Today's best mix of country Y-101. Generation that missed and the generations that can't forget them the country legends on 
You can listen to Y-101 on 100.9 to Barney Bonfield 6-9 am in the Morning show and 11-1 pm in the Midday Memory Show.
You can listen to people that call in on Y101 such as Bryce, Elmira, Zachary, Taylor, Earl, Roadrunner, Radio Announcur Basher, The Legend,
and Henrietta and many more only on Y-101.

The Varsity team start the season off good The Toombs County Varsity team played Wednesday February 23,2011. They played against The Metter Tigers at 5:45 at the Jackie/Jones Field. Toombs County catcher for the whole game was Berry Aldrige who hit some great hits that night. They played 7 innings. They hit 7-8 singles and 4-5 doubles No homers in the game but alot of balls were hit in the air and landed in front of the fence. The TCHS Bulldogs won the game to start their season of good 12-2. Toombs County's next game will be Saturday February 26,2011 a home game double header at 1:00 witch they will play host to Washington County and one at 3:00 they willl play against The Metter Tigers. Barney will broadcast both games on Y-101 the bulldog pregame show begins at 12:50 and the first pitch for the first will be at 1:00 and the last game at 3:00.

                  The JV Baseball team is back playing

The JV Bulldogs Baseball played their first game Tuesday February 22,2011 at 5:30 P.M. against Appling County Pirates. They went out there to play and not long somebody drove it past first base and decided to make his way to second. One bulldog stepped up to the plate and hit it hard, hard enough to carry one in and stop one at second. And no more scoring happened until the JV team hit on in the sweet spot and one scored to make the score 2-1 for the JV baseball team to win it.

It really did snow in Toombs County- Bryce has visual proof that it did snow in Toombs County on Sunday. He has prepared an amazing snow show for your enjoyment. Bryce also prepared a football presentation football show   
Bryce is a very popular caller to Y-101 Radio. During his summer vacation Bryce called during the Midday Memory Show. Listen to Bryce on Y-101 Audio

Bryce sat in the press box with Y-101 Radio and watched the Toombs County Bulldogs beat Long County. Bryce Blogs:

Toombs County vs. Long County
Senior night was the last game of the season for TCHS.
49 to 13 was the score.
The seniors last game they won BIG TIME!!
The Seniors are O'Shea Hampton, Patrick Craft, Dylan Rollins,
Ryan Davis, Josh Allen,  Malcolm Burley, Brett Jernigan,
Hakeem Mobley, Marktavious Dasher, Allen Akins,
Maurice Hunt, Kenneth McClendon, and Will NeSmith.

Bryce followed the Bulldogs to Tattnall County and said this about a tough 21-14 loss, "What a game it was on October 22, 2010 on Friday night! We lost by 7 points and we went out there and blocked and kept them from scoring!!"
Check out Bryce in an episode of Sights and Sounds from the Toombs County/Vidalia game Video  Here are Bryce's comments on the 2010 game, "Vidalia hit us hard and we lost 28 to 7, but we will get them next year!!"

 Well it was not the best project in the world but it turned out O.K.
The poster was on the Three Branches of Goverment.
My teacher, Mrs.Murphy, graded it and I made 100.
Boy, was I proud!!
She is going to hang it up in the hallway at LUES.

Bryce visits Y-101 Radio

On Columbus Day Bryce visited Y-101 Radio and sat in during the Midday Memory Show. He talked to Elmira, the Legend and Henrietta. Watch the Video   

Bryce, who was a Lyons Flea All-Star, is a big Atlanta Braves fan 

Bryce is also a Toombs County Bulldog supporter  

Bryce also likes to fish for fish and when he was only five years old he hauled in this eight pound bass that was nearly have as tall as he was.