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2009 Season

Lisa Caststeel keeps winning

Lisa Caststeel wins at Swainsboro Raceway 

In her third season of racing 14-year-old Lisa Caststeel has become the driver to beat, in the Road Warrior Division, at Swainsboro Speedway. Prior to this year Lisa had never won a race. However, she broke through with her first win, at Screven Motor Speedway, in her first race of the season and since then she has won six more times. Lisa has taken the checkered flag at Swainsboro four times and at Cochran Speedway twice. In her last victory she led every lap. Lisa credits her track experience and her new faster car for her success in 2009. In addition to the racing this summer, Lisa also plays softball for the District 1 Champion Lyons Junior Girls team and basketball for Robert Toombs. Y-101 Story

Lisa wins first race


Lisa Caststeel opened her third season of racing by winning her first race of her career. Lisa took the checkered flag at Screven Motor Speedway. Slide Show

 Lisa's Blog

I have started my season off real well this year. I haven't started my regular season yet, but, hopefully it will be as great as last Saturday night! My heat race wasn't the best. I had the pole but the outside pole beat me to the corner. He was in front of me most of the time,however, sometimes I would get up beside him but I never got around him. I got spun out yet I didn't stop completely so I didn't cause a caution. So I spun out again so I could cause a caution. I got to pass two cars in front of me so I was in second place. I finished second so that meant I had the outside pole for my feature. I beat the car to the corner and I was in the lead the whole race! It was an amazing experience! Hopefully, I will get to have that experience again but it will never be the same as my first win!! Thanks, Lisa!

Lisa talks to Y-101 Radio

Lisa talks to Y-101 Radio about her first racing victory  Audio

2008 Season

Check out Lisa's new racing video Video

Lisa's Racing Blog

September 17

Hey, I started off my night really good! I had the pole for my heat race and I won it, so that meant I would be starting on the pole for my feature! Well on the first lap I got a flat tire. I have no clue how I got it but some how I did! I got my tire changed and I went to the rear. I passed about 6 cars and ended up 4th! 

September 3

Hello, I started 5th row inside but, I had another bad night! Luckly I didn't have any flat tires but my power steering belt broke and I ran into the wall! I passed about 2 cars and then they through the checkered flag and I finished somewhere near the rear!! I want to say Thank You to everyone who has been supporting me and believing in me,


Hey girl. I enjoy watching you race. You are truly an inspiration to those girls and women who don't believe in theirselves. Good luck with everything. God Bless. -Ashley N. Willett

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August 4

Racing action Video

Watch Daddy (white car) finish a close second to Little Jimmy Sharpe (yellow car) Video

Hello! Once again this wasn't the weekend! I didn't even finish the race! I finished 3rd in my heat race and I was starting 3rd row inside! On the first lap me and another car got hooked and caused a caution! The wreckers came and got us apart and he had a flat tire so he had to go to the rear! After that about 2 laps later I got a flat tire going into turn 1 and it all went down hill from there! I got 3 flat tires and after my 3rd flat tire I went to the pits and parked it! 


Even with all of the bad luck you are having you are still doing great!  Maybe the break this weekend will be what you need.  Enjoy your weekend off! - Kelly

July 28

Watch Lisa's #29 car race at Swainsboro Video  

Watch Lisa's dad drive the red and white #73 car at Swainsboro Video

Lisa appears on Y-101 Radio Audio

Hello! This weekend wasn't the weekend again and I didn't finish in the top 3! In my heat race I started 2nd row outside and I passed a car and I was in 3rd place! I almost had 2nd place until the car I was passing got back in front of me! I finished 3rd and I was starting 3rd row inside for my feature! I was in 4th place and I was doing pretty good, I guess and I got a flat tire! I had to come in so I had to go to the rear! I was making a pretty good come-back until someone wrecked me and I had to go to the rear again and finished 11th! Thank You For Your Support, Lisa!! 


Don't let the flat tire get ya down!!  You are still doing awesome! - Kelly
Good luck this weekend Lisa!  Thanks for taking me in the pits with you
last weekend - Cameron

Everybody has To start somewhere! What you are doing is an inspiration to all girls!!! Keep up the good work.That win is comming! Remember from one racer to another ALWAYS have Fun! Good Luck, The Rim Rider Crew looks forward to seeing that 29 in the winners circle! - Kim H. Floyd # 99

Lisa...We want to wish you good luck tonight from Bluffton, South Carolina!!  You are doing awesome and we are so proud of you.  Me and Kinsey Grace will be in the stands cheering you on tonight!! Maybe it will be win #1 for you!!  We love you - Aunt Tonya & Kinsey

July 23, 2008

Lisa appears on Y-101 Radio Audio

July 22, 2008

Hey! This weekend wasn't the big weekend for me, but I did end up 3rd! It was exciting as usual and I had so much fun! Something was wrong with the power and the lights wouldn't come on so they didn't have any heat races! I started 2nd row outside and I passed 2 cars and I was in 2nd! After one of the cautions I almost passed the leader, but another caution came out! Then I got a little high in turn 3 and the 4 and 2 cars got past me! It was a little disappointing, but I didn't let it get to me! After several laps I ended up 4th but the 1st place car was illegal and I ended up 3rd!


Good luck again this weekend!!  See you Saturday! - Kelly & Cameron

July 16, 2008

Hello, I am Lisa Caststeel! I have been racing for about a year now and I am still loving it! I race every Saturday except for the days that are cancelled or we have a break! I started off not going fast or barely finishing on the same lap as the other racers, but I have improved and my best finish is 2nd place! I led every lap except for the last one, but I didn't really get mad my dad told there will be more chances! Barney keeps telling me that this is the weekend, but as you can tell I haven't won any races yet! I am 3rd in the points at Swainsboro Raceway and hopefully I can move up a spot by the end of this year but I'm not going to get my hopes up! I don't really have a secret on how I improved or anything, but I just started going faster and passing more cars and hopefully I can pass even more cars in the future!!!


I want  to wish you good luck this weekend!! - Grandma

Good luck this weekend Lisa!!  We will be there cheering you on.  Hopefully this will be your week.-  Kelly Panick & Cameron Panick

I'm so proud of you! You have a whole lot of talent in a race car and I hope you continue to pursue your dreams in racing! I'm right behind you, supporting you! I love you, and I'm very proud of you!  Love, Daddy

Lisa's red 29 car in action in Swainsboro

12 year old Toombs County girl starts racing career

June 2007- Lisa Caststeel has been a dancer and an athlete, but now the 12 year old student, at Robert Toombs Christian Academy, has ventured into racing. Her father Chris has been winning races for years at local tracks in Swainsboro and Cochran and Lisa has decided to join him on those same dirt tracks. Lisa recently made her debut in the novice division at Swainsboro and she has taken to the sport very quickly. Lisa discusses her racing career in this Y-101 Community Profile  Audio

 Lisa's friend,Tone Tone, meets "Big Ears" and Biffle


"Big Ears" Kyle Busch with Tone Tone


 Greg Biffle with Tone Tone

Tone Tone, a big racing fan, spent the weekend at the Atlanta Motor Speedway and he had access to the garage area and pit lane. Tone Tone took some amazing pictures of some famous NASCAR drivers and their cars and you can view them in his Slide Show

Rick Crawford interview- The Racing Dude talked to Rick Crawford, the driver of the #14 Circle Bar Truck, on Friday afternoon prior to practice at the Atlanta Motor Speedway Audio

Lisa's dad, Chris, meets Harvick

 Meeting of the 29's

Racing Dude, from C&C Pawn City, meets Kevin Harvick at the Atlanta Motor Speedway