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2015 TCHS Top Seniors Wilkes and Reynolds

 Valedictorian Callie Wilkes and salutatorian Tiffany Reynolds

Valedictorian Callie Wilkes and salutatiorian Tiffany Reynolds will lead the Class of 2015 at Toombs County High School at Graduation on Saturday, May 16 at 8:30 a.m. in Booster Stadium. The two seniors GPA's were seperated by a mere .4 points in the final calculations. Coincidentally both young ladies have the same professional aspirations. Each wants to work in pediatric medicine. Callie plans on attending Mercer and Tiffany is going to the College of Coastal Georgia and then will transfer to pursue her masters. Listen to Y-101 Radio's archived coverage of Toombs County's Graduation Ceremonies Part 1  Part 2      

Matthew and Antonio are TCHS's top scholars

Salutatorian Antonio Casas and Valedictorian Matthew Carter

The competition for the top position in Toombs County High School's Class of 2014 was close. By a fraction Matthew Carter earned the title of valedictorian and Antonio Casas salutatorian. Both are friends and both said that A.P. Chemistry, taught by Kip Hart, was their most challenging subject. "It came within a fraction of a point, Carter said. "I didn't know which way it was going to go for awhile. Up until ninth grade I was usually top of the class, But, then Antonio stepped in and for three years he was top of the class. So, I was worried. He is really a close friend of mine." Y-101 Story

Both seniors will be making speeches at Saturday's graduation ceremonies. "I put alot of thought into it,"  Casas said. "We had to turn it in on Monday. My speech is more of a reflecting on what was. We had alot of teachers helping and they were very helpful."

Looking ahead to their futures both Matthew and Antonio have similar interests. "I want to be a mechanical engineer," Carter said. "I want to develop alternative resource vehicles and hopefully improve the environment." Matt plans on going to Emory and then Georgia Tech to achieve his goals.

Casas plans on attending Georgia Southern and getting an electrical engineering degree. "I would like to work at Georgia Power and then later work for a research and development firm and make solar power more available to low income families within my community and hopefully expand it from there.

Kirkley & Dismuke top Class of 2013

Natalie Kirkley and Alexandria Dismuke  

Natalie Kirkley and Alexandria Dismuke both had 4.0 grade point averages at Toombs County High School and both were featured speakers at graduation on Saturday, May 18, 2013 at Booster Stadium. Natalie was be the valedictorian and Alex (as she is known) the salutatorian. Listen to the achived broadcast on Ustream

Natalie was an All-Star softball player growing up. She was a catcher with speed and was a good hitter. In the 2009 championship game of the District 1 Midget Tournament, at Partin Park, Kirkley scored the game-winning run in an 11-10 win over Vidalia. Y-101 Story  Natalie became a Lady Bulldog softball player, but her career came to an end with an injury to her throwing arm. Natalie was always a standout student, however she became even more dedicated to academics after the injury. "I guess I did because I wasn't spending as much time on the field, so I had more time to dedicate to school." Natalie said she was competitive when it came to making good grades. "I liked making good grades and me and my friends would always compare grades."

Both girls said that Michael Harts advanced chemistry class was their most challenging class at TCHS and for Kirkley it will come in handy. "I want to enter college as a pre-med and I will be taking both chemistry and biology classes," said Natalie, who will start at Georgia College and State University in Milledgeville. "I would like to become an endocrinologist and work with diabetic patients because my mother is a diabetic. So, that is my ultimate goal."

Natalie has started and finished her graduation speech,"When I sat down and wrote it I really had no idea what to say because there was so much to say. In the end my father was a valedictorian. I looked at his yearbook and read his senior quote and based my whole speech on that quote."

Alex credits her parents as her inspiration to be a top student, "My parents have always encouraged me to do my best, but I was never really competitive until I realized I actually had a chance to possibly being in the top two. I have always been a very academic student, but it kind of accelerated within the last two years."

Dismuke says her most challenging semester in her senior year was the first.”The first semester was a little tough because of volleyball and having to balance classes and volleyball at the same time, but after that it wasn't that hard.” The 2012 Toombs County volleyball team advanced to the state tourney and lost a close five set first round home match to Early County. “I played volleyball for all four years of high school and that is the farthest we have ever gotten. Volleyball meant a lot to me and everyone was so nice and I loved all those girls with all my heart.”

Alex has already mapped out her future.”I am going to the University of Georgia this fall and I want to major in psychology. I have always been one to help people, even when I was little in first grade. I was put with some of the kids who didn't learn quite as quickly and I would help them out. Up until ninth grade I wanted to be a teacher, but the salary is not that great and I was not sure I wanted to deal with the students these days. So, in ninth grade, when we did career aptitude, it gave me the option of psychologist and since then I have been looking in to that and that is what I want to do.'

Darby & Janine- Friends top Class of 2012

 Valedictorian Darby Oliver (left) and Salutatorian Janine Taylor

Darby Oliver and Janine Taylor are friends. However, when it came to academics at Toombs County High School they were friendly competitors and by the slimmest of margins Darby nipped Janine to become the Valedictorian of the Class of 2012. Janine will represent the senior class as the Salutatorian.

It was close and I never looked at our giant average. I always looked at it in class ways," said Oliver. "In Mr. Bobby George's class if she got a 98 and I got 95 it would be I have to try harder the next time. We're great friends so we always pushed each other." Taylor added, "There was a lot of competition between me and Darby, but she is one of my friends so it never got ugly."

Oliver didn't wait until the last minute to decide that she wanted to pursue top honors, "Ever since I was little I wanted to be the Valedictorian. I always wanted to be everything I could be. It was probably third grade when I decided I wanted to be the Valedictorian." Darby's Y-101 Profile Audio

Darby spent more time at Southeastern Tech College, this year, than at Toombs County High taking excel classes in math, biology, literature and sociology. Her plans are to attend Darton College in Albany, "I got a full scholarship, the Dean's scholar award and I plan to major in pre-veterinarian and after a year there I plan to transfer to Purdue University."

Janine was able to earn her high class status despite juggling a full plate of extracurricular activities. She was a standout volleyball and soccer player, who showed she also has football skills exhibited when she ran for a 72-yard touchdown in a flag game, in the Pit, between Toombs and Vidalia. Janine also followed in her sister Lisa's footsteps by being named the 2011 Homecoming Queen, "I always made my studies my first priority and everything else came second," said Taylor. "I had to give up a lot of things like parties and social events just to study. I found a certain balance for everything."

Taylor's competitive sports days are now in her past. However, in the future she wants to enter the competitive world of medical school, "I'm going to the University of Georgia and I plan on majoring in biology. I want to be an emergency room surgeon." Janine's Y-101 Profile Audio

Toombs County High School Graduation- Listen to the archived audio from Y-101's live coverage click here 

Laura and Josh lead the Class of 2011 to graduation

Valedictorian Laura Johnson and Salutatorian Josh Allen were separated by less than a point when it came time to calculate their final grades and although the two were competitive during their pursuit of being the top student from Toombs County High School's Class of 2011, Laura said, "They used to compare report cards, but that there was no harsh competition, it was all friendly." Both students said that calculus was their toughest subject. Josh kept his high grade point average despite being a three-sport athlete as a freshman and then after dropping wrestling he was a football and baseball player the rest of his high school career. Allen said that many were surprised of his academic accomplishments because most only followed his athletic career. "Not that many people know that about me until on Senior Night (baseball) when I got recognized, that's when people started giving me those reactions," said Allen.

Johnson, who received enough scholarship money to basically cover her college education plans to go to Brewton-Parker College for four years and then to transfer to Valdosta State to obtain her degree in speech therapy and then she hopes to come back to Toombs County and start her own practice. Allen, who was accepted to the University of Georgia, has changed his path and now he is headed to Georgia Southern, in the fall, to walk on as a punter. He plans on studying sports medicine and he wants to stay in the sports arena.

Listen to a Y-101 profile of Josh Allen  Audio  and Laura Johnson Audio  

The 2011 Toombs County High School Graduation was broadcast live on Y-101 Radio. If you missed it or would like to hear it again- Listen Part 1  Part 2

Top Seniors at TCHS

Left to right- Valedictorian Chelsey Coursey, Salutatorian Daniel NeSmith and Star Student Megan Morris 

Y-101 Radio featured the top three seniors, academically on, the Toombs County Bulldog Sports Report. Get to know TCHS Star Student Megan Morris, Salutatorian Daniel NeSmith and Valedictorian Chelsey Coursey.  Listen to Y-101 profiles of all three students Audio   

Large crowd watches large class graduate  

The home side of Booster Stadium was filled as 158 members of the Class of 2007 graduated from Toombs County High School on May 19. This class earned over $71,000 in scholarship money. Listen as Neida Soto (pictured right) delivers her Valedictorian speech.  Audio

 Scholar/Athlete Neida Soto is Toombs County High School's Valedictorian

Neida Soto played soccer and ran cross country and track and at the same time she maintained the highest GPA at Toombs County High School. Neida is the first Hispanic female to achieve the honor of Valedictorian at Toombs County High and she is proud of that distinction. Toombs Now talked to Neida about her past, present and future.  Audio  Prep Sports Plus feature on Neida